Here are links to a few early reviews of She Walks in Darkness:

From Sleeping Hedgehog:

“They don’t write ’em like this any more.  Thoughtfully resurrected and beautifully presented by Tachyon, Evangeline Walton’s She Walks In Darkness is quite literally an artifact, and I mean that in the best way possible. It is a meticulously crafted, utterly gorgeous creation that is intrinsically of its time and place, and which could not have been created by anyone, anywhen or anywhere else.”

Read the rest here.

And from Kirkus:

“Old Mattia Rossi’s body is gone. It no longer lies at the foot of the cellar stairs. This morning, when I finally braced myself to go down and look for those keys I need to badly, it was not there.”

“With these ominous first lines of She Walks in Darkness, we are introduced to the Gothic Adventures of Barbara Keyes, the newly married wife of archaeologist Richard Keyes, as she honeymoons at an isolated Tuscan villa.”

Read the Kirkus review here.

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